Dept. of Computing Science
Umeå University
Per Lindström/Jürgen Börstler
A thesis proposal should contain at least the following:
   o Title of proposed MT-project
   o Author(s)
   o How many ECTS-credits (15, 30 or 2*30)
   o Background, i.e. an INTRODUCTION TO THE TOPIC of your thesis
   o Goal, i.e. a brief description to WHAT you will do
   o Planning, i.e. HOW you are going to accomplish your goals
   o In what area/subject will you do your in-depth-study (comprising 3-4 weeks of work)
   o Annotated Bibliography, i.e. a listing of the materials you
     refer in your text and the materials you have planned to read and use for your thesis work
Please check
for information on writing an Annotated bibliography.
Make sure to read and understand
    We will not accept any excuses for submitting any kind of plagiarism,
    not even any kind of work that is not yet final.