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Graduation Thesis, 20 credits

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To be entitled to a Master of Science degree the graduation thesis must comprise 20 credits( 1 credit corresponds to 1 week full time work and a full academic year is 40 credits).
There is a link to Examensarbeten (in Swedish) where you find information of different kinds.

Basic requirements

The work of the thesis should deal with a problem (including applications) in Computing Science. Most common are problems where the student has to examine, specify and implement some prototype system on a computer. The emphasis of the work should be on problem solving even though the work may have a more theoretical basis. The thesis work must not solely consist of routine work such as computer programming. Overall the thesis work including the final report should have a scientific flavour. The report should be written in Swedish (with an extened abstract in English) or in English.
More specifically, the scientific quality of the work is established by a deeper study (comprising 3-4 credits out of 20) of some interesting part of the problem. In many cases this special study should be done in the beginning of the work in order to analyse the problem area. In other cases it might be more suitable to end the work with the special study and relate the work to existing results and literature. In the cases where it is suitable the special study should be reported in a separate section of the final report. In other cases, e.g. if it is a more theoretical work it might be more natural that the whole thesis is charachterized by a more analytical attitude.


Each student will have a thesis advisor appointed from the Department of Computing Science. The student and the advisor should work out a suitable time schedule for the thesis work and regularly keep in touch during the months of work. In order to fulfil the requirements for this course the student should attend some seminars where research methodology, information retrieval and report writing are taught. Moreover the student should give an oral presentation of his/her work at a seminar. The student should also act as an opponent to a fellow student at another oral presentation.
9 Augusti 96
Per Lindstr÷m