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INTERNAL PROPOSALS for Thesis Projects

The following list contains proposals for Thesis Projects with a major in Computing Science. These proposals are given by teachers/researchers at the Dept. of Computing Science, Umeå University (sometimes in collaboration with industry). Proposals come and go - we can't guarantee that announced proposals are available.

How to reserve a proposal
Send an e-mail to the person named "Kontaktperson/Contact" to get further information of the project and to discuss if the project can be 15 or 30 credits and if it is a project at the advanced level (master) or at the basic level (bachelor).
When you have decided to carry out one of the projects proposed you should send an e-mail to saying what proposal you have chosen. 1-2 weeks later you have to follow up your "reservation" by sending an extended proposal with a more detailed description of your Thesis Project. If we do not receive such an extended proposal within two weeks, the thesis topic will be opened again for other students and you have to select another topic.
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