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A short introduction to Unix


Unix is a multi-user operating system that is used on CS (computer science) computers here at Umeå University. You will be assigned an account with a username, password and home directory.

When you log in to CS you will always access your files in your home directory. In Windows, your home directory will be assigned the drive letter H:\ after you have identified against HOME.

Account name and password

Your username will look like this:
[program letter(s) (dva,c..)][year][first letter in your name][first and last letter in your surname]
Johan Karlsteen becomes c01jkn and the e-mail address

Your home directory will reside under /home/c[year]/[username] (for example /home/c04/c04abc). When you are in the home directory the path will be ~ (~ is pronounced tilde).


The first time you log in you will be asked to change your password. Choose it carefully and keep it to yourself. It is not unusal that "easy" passwords are used by hackers to get in to the system at the university.

Be aware!

NEVER shut down a unix computer, they are used remotely by many students and personnel and a shutdown can result in lost work.

More information

A good guide to Unix is the Introduktion till Unix, but unfortunately it is written in swedish.
Another good way is to browse the web for info, use the man pages and ask your classmates.

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