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Surfing the Internet and reading mail


Start the web browser by clicking the netscape icon close to the clock in X. Another way to start netscape is to write netscape & at the command prompt in a terminal window (this will start netscape and the & will make the prompt return so that the terminal and netscape can be used simultaneously).

Reading and writing mail

In Unix there are different programs that can be used to read your mail, pine is a very simple one. Pine is text based, which makes it easy to read mail when you are logged in via PuTTY and not logged in to X.

To start pine just write pine and then press ENTER. A list with the mail in your inbox will appear (if you have got any mail). To read a mail just slect it with the arrow keys and press ENTER. To return to the list press <.

To mark a mail as deleted press d and remove it permanently with x followed by a y answering the question "Expunge message from inbox".

Useful commands in pine:
m Shows main menu
i Shows the inbox
l Shows all available inboxes
c Compose a mail
d Delete a mail
u Undelete a mail
x Permanently remove deleted mails


If you already have an e-mail address that you are using you can redirect the mail from your so that it will be sent to your other address:

  1. Enter cd. To get to the root of your home directory
  2. Start vim .forward
  3. Press i to start editing
  4. Enter your other e-mail address
  5. Press esc and write :wq (this means save and quit in vim)
  6. Press enter
  7. Test the setting by sending a mail to your

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