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Printing in Unix

Plain printing

In Unix lpr is used to send data to the printer like this:
lpr -P printer_name filename, where the printer name could be ma436ps.

The printer has it's own language called PostScript so it is not possible to send a .doc-file (MS Word) to it (To view and print .doc-files, try OpenOffice). Plain text is possible to send but PDF's have to be converted to PostScript: pdf2ps file.pdf generates a new file called that can be sent to a printer.

Printing inside programs

Did the above seem tedious? It is possible to print from inside a program when you are in X. To print a page from inside Mozilla (a web browser), simply choose "Print" and give lpr -P printer_name as "print command". This works in most of the graphical Unix programs.

Printer quota

For every course you attend here at CS (computer science) you will get a number of printouts that can be used to print reports etc (often 20 pages/point). To see how much of your quota you have used enter pquota in the terminal window. This will show how many pages you have printed and how many you have left.

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