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Exercises in Windows (XP)


Most of you have surely used MS Word in the past so the very basics will not be discussed here. Word can be pretty helpful when creating documents with headers, footers and table of contents. If you know how to do these things, report writing will be much easier in the future.

Create a header

In order to make a table of contents, Word must know which parts of the document that should be headers and which parts that should not.

  1. Start Word
  2. Choose "Heading 1" on the left side of the typeface (typically Times New Roman)
  3. Enter a header name
  4. Pressing enter will change Heading 1 back to "Normal"

Create a table of contents

  1. Choose a blank page (presumably side 2)
  2. Choose "Insert->Reference->Index och förteckningar"
  3. Press Ok (here are many options for customizing the TOC but we will leave that for now)
  4. A table of contents should be generated

Tip: If you have written inside the document you can right-click the table of contents and choose Update fields, this will update the page numbers.


Here is a little exercise that should be done now that you know how to make a table of contents in word.

Create a document containing a frontpage, table of contents and 2 pages containing text and headers in several levels (Heading 1, Heading 2...). What happens if you change typeface on a Header?

Warning: Even though this is considered a very basic exercise there are people studying in the forth and fifth year who do not know how to make a table of contents. Handing in an report during the fifth year looking like a child has written it is not going to give you a master's degree.

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