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What is it?

WinaXe is a local X-server for windows which makes it possible to run graphical Unix programs in Windows just like if you were sitting at a Unix computer (well, almost).

How do you do it?

To start a session with WinaXe (at school):

  1. Start Start->All programs->WinaXe v6.1->XSession
  2. Choose XDMCP host
  3. Choose computer, "salt" is a Linux computer and "peppar" runs Solaris (Unix)
  4. Log in with your username and password as usual (wait until the background image is shown)

You can run an X-server (for example WinaXe) at home and then run graphical programs like "gvim" at school, displaying them on your computer screen. You cannot "og in" like if you were at school but the programs run fine.

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