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How to read your mail in Windows (XP)


CS has a web mail service that can be used to read your mail using a standard Internet browser. The address is

Puss (kiss in swedish)

Puss is ACC's (Academic Computer Club) web mail service:


For instructions for redirecting your mail read: Unix and mail.


In order to read your mail in Windows you are recommended to connect to the Unix systems using Putty. Once you are connected to a computer with PuTTY you can issue commands just as usual.

Example (with PuTTY)

Step-by-step instruction to read mail using PuTTY and Pine (Pine is a mailreader under Unix).

  1. Click Start-> All Programs-> Internet Tools-> Putty
  2. Enter as hostname
  3. Make sure that SSH is choosen
  4. Click "Open"
  5. If a box regarding "host key" appears, click "Ok"
  6. Log in with your username and your password.
  7. Start "pine" (or any other mail client e.g. mutt)


It is possible to read your mail with, for example Outlook Express using the POP or IMAP protocol, but that will not be covered here.

For those of you who want to do this from home:
username and passwords are the same as at the university and in order to send mail through the SMTP-server you must first log in with POP/IMAP..

For more information, see this page.

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