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Printing under Windows (XP)


Printing under Windows is done by choosing (almost all of the times) " Print" (or "Skriv ut") from the program menu. The next step is to choose where you want the document (at which printer) and whether you want a double sided document (where available). For example: to print a document in the computer laboratory MA436, choose the printer named "ma436ps". If double side printing is available then there should be a printer named "ma436ps_d".


In Word:

  1. Choose "File->Print"
  2. Choose which printer to use (e.g. ma316ps, or the double side printer ma316ps_d)
  3. Click "Ok"
  4. Your document should arrive at the printer shortly
If there is a problem you could ask someone in the same computer lab for help. Sometimes the printer is out of paper and there is a queue waiting to be printed.

Printer quota

For every course that you take at CS (computer science) you will get a number of printouts that can be used to print reports etc (often 20 pages/point). To see how much of your quota you have used, enter pquota in the terminal window (in Unix). This will show you how many pages you have printed and how many you have left.

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