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Addition to "Rules for use of Umeå University's (UmU) computer systems, computer network and Information Technology services”.

This document is based on the documents It Security at Umeå University, Rules for use of Umeå Universitys (UmU) computer systems, computer network and Information Technology services  and on additional information concerning these rules. These documents can belocated at the web-address

Rules for use of computer resources at the Dept. of Computing Science

Students taking courses at the department of Computing Science (SC) have user accounts and access to computer equipment in computer labs supported by system administrators at CS. To keep this possiblity you have to obey some simple rules listed below. Remember that the computer equipment should be used for studies and by students admitted to our courses. Every student at our department will have access to computer labs only by using his/her key card.

For basic courses specific computer labs are reserved but for advanced courses students can use computer labs from a pool of  ”free labs”. See the link “Reserved PC/Unix labs for this semester” (in Swedish) on top of the page Courses this semester. However, a teacher may book a free lab for students taking a certain course, for shorter periods.  Such bookings should be announced.

Between 07.00 and 19.00 thecomputer equipment should only be used to:
* work with the assignments and exercises included in the course
* increase your skill and knowledge of the contents of the course

All commercial use of the computer equipment is forbidden.

Your user account should be protected by a password. The initial common password should be changed by the user to a password which is hard to crack. Too simple passwords will not be tolerated and should be changed if some system administrator tells you to do so.

Common rules

* Every student should be aware of and obey the rules and conventions for use of computer systems and computer networks at Umeå University (see below)
* Key cards and passwords for key cards and multi-user systems are individual and must not be used by others. Loss of a key card should be reported to our student expedition.
* As a student you should know and obey the regulations (ordningsregler) for the computer labs(see below).
* Use the computer resources such that you don’t  put yourself, our department and our University to shame.

Information about computer system use and rules can be found on the homepage of every course at our department and at documents of the IT-group. As a student you should know about and obey this rules. A student who breaks these rules may lose his/her right to use the computer equipment at the University.

Regulations for the computer labs

* It is forbidden to book, block or lock a workstation/PC when not using it in person for more than 15 minutes.
* Our goal is that every student should have the possibility to use our computer labs1.5-2 hours per day. It is not allowed to use the computer labs more if some other student, who has not had the opportunity to use a lab computer that day, claims your working place.
* No unauthorised people should be let into the computer labs. On demand from the security guards, every one in a computer lab should show his/her ID and let the guard test his/her key card.

* Playing computer games is forbidden.
* Enrollment in a 5 credit course in Computing Science entitle you to 5*20=100 printout pages. If more pages are used you have to pay 1 SEK per page.

* It is forbidden to remove equipment from a computer lab.
* It is forbidden to make changes to or try to repair the computer equipment.
* Report errors/failures on the equipment by sending e-mail to or phone connection 9950.
* Clean your desk when you finish your work and leave the computer lab. Recycle printout paper, put litter in the waste-basket and bring your things.

People at the department of Computing Science need to publish lists where your name is included. According to Swedish law (personuppgiftslagen) you have to give your permission to that.

By signing this document, I hereby permit personnel at the Department of Computing Science to publish lists of different kind where my name is included on the web and on bulletin boards.

I have read this document, accept the rules and promise to follow them..


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