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Matrix Computations and Applications is one of the four compulsory courses in the new Masters Programme "Computational Science & Engineering" (Swedish: "Beräkningsteknik").

Note that this year the course Matrix Computations and Virtual Spaces (Matrisberäkningar och Virtuella Rum 5DV014) has been merged with Matrix Computations and Applications (this course).


2007-12-07: The collecting assignments have been published (see under each assignment on the left).
2007-10-18: The fifth assignment has been published.
2007-10-08: The fourth assignment has been published.
2007-09-28: The third assignment has been published.
2007-09-27: Due date for re-examination of assignments has been set to Friday the 11th of January 2008, at 13:00. Specifications for these assignments will be published after the primary exam.
2007-09-19: The final eight lectures have been outlined in the planning section. There will be three lectures by Fredrik Bengzon on iterative methods for solving linear systems of equations. More detailed content on these lectures will be added later. Due dates for the final three assignments are scheduled but the specifications will be released on the previous due date as usual.
2007-09-17: The second assignment has been published.
2007-09-05: The first assignment has been published.
2007-09-05: The article "Matrices, Vector Spaces, and Information Retrieval" has been added under "Literature". It is used as the material for the two classes on information retrieval. You need to read this article before coming to class in order to understand the discussions.
2007-09-03: There are many MATLAB tutorials available, here are a few recommended ones:
Tutorial A
Tutorial B
Tutorial C
Tutorial D
2007-09-03: The introductory lecture is given on Monday, September 3rd at 13.15 in MA378.
2007-08-23: A preliminary planning for the first half of the course.
2007-08-22: A link to streaming video lectures delivered by Gilbert Strang has been appended to the literature section.
2007-03-20: Mail archive
2007-03-20: The home-page is initiated!

Below you find links to some information concerning rules and what you have to obey.
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