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Matrix Computations and Applications, Fall 08

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Matrix Computations and Applications is one of the four compulsory courses in the Masters Programme "Computational Science & Engineering" (Swedish: "Beräkningsteknik").

Note that this year the course Matrix Computations and Virtual Spaces (Matrisberäkningar och Virtuella Rum 5DV014) has been merged with Matrix Computations and Applications (this course).


2008-11-14: The 2nd version of the assignments can be found in the list below. Those who have not completed all assignments have until 9 January, 2009 to hand in solutions to all of the new assignments that correspond with any uncompleted assignments. For example, if you did not complete assignment 2 and 4, you must hand in solutions to the new assignments 2 and 4 (but NOT 1, 3, or 5) by 9 January, 2009. You will only receive the grade G or U, so make sure you have answered every question.
2008-11-13: Lecture notes for C11 - C13 have been updated.
2008-11-04: To accept grade pass (3) without writing the exam, fill in this form and hand it in to the Computing Science student administration (studentexpeditionen).
2008-10-17: Assignment 5 is out!
Slides on jpeg and DCT are available under Planning and readings
2008-09-25: Assignment 3 is out!
2008-09-04: Assignment 1 updated! Right hand side of the plane equation (eq. (2) on p. 3) should be 550.
2008-09-01: A short description of the examination of the course is available under Examination.
2008-09-01: Assignment 1 is out!
Between 11th to 15th September, assistance will only be given via email.
2008-03-17: Mail archive
2008-03-17: The home-page is initiated!

Below you find links to some information concerning rules and what you have to obey.
Regulations and Policy for Department of Computing Science at Umeå University
Policy for Assignments
University regulations regarding examinations (in both Swedish and English)
Honour code
Computer-use contract (that you have signed and agreed to follow)
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