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Object-Oriented Software Development, spring 2008

Course evaluation form

Goals and contents

Lecture overheads
Team Building Questionnaire
Peer Evaluation Form
Some advice for OOSD students (by Greger W, supervisor 2001-2003)
Some advice--några goda råd (by Selander, a former student)

Link of the week
Guide to computer usage at our department

Project proposals
Project teams
Current credits
Mail archive
  News will be continously posted here with the latest one(s) at the top.

2008-06-24:  Preliminary totals for the credits are available. Please note that credits for Customer evaluation and Final report are subject to change (but unlikely to be much lower).
2008-05-28:  New dates for final presentation and final report; please check the schedule.
2008-03-12:  Updated credits.
2008-03-10:  Updated lecture overheads.
2008-03-07:  Updated literature and link of week sections.
2008-02-04:  Added link to current team credits.
2008-01-28:  Added link to team allocation. Niclas will start today's lecture with some info on his project.
2008-01-14:  Room assignments fixed. First lecture in N340 (Naturvetarhuset).
2008-01-08:  Schedule updated, except room assignments.
2007-12-20:  Page updated all links checked. Everything, except the schedule, should be up-to-date now. Schedule will be updated soon.
2007-03-20:  Page created (by Per L).

Regulations and Policy for Computer Science at Umeå University
This section contains links to information concerning rules and guidelines you have to obey.
Policy for obligatory exercises
Advice on how to write reports for obligatory exercises (please note that there are special rules for this course)
University regulations regarding examinations
Honour code
Computer-use contract (that you have signed and agreed to follow)
Application to re-register for a course (currently in Swedish only)
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