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Here you will find info. on the course. The messages will be inserted by date.

2012-04-04: The results for the project work (and individual assignments) are now posted here.
2012-03-02: The peer-review groups and which reports each individual is going to review before the peer-review seminar can be found here. Send report-drafts to peers today before Friday 2, 17.00 (See Project Groups and Peer-Review Groups). Remember that your reviews are to be done individually, and each one of you will give the groups both oral and written reviews next friday.
2012-02-26: OBSERVE: The deadline for sending report-drafts to peers is changed to Friday 2, 17.00 (See Schedule). The literature list is updated for the lecture on February 10.
2012-02-13: The lecture Friday this week (Feb 17) is cancelled since there were no wish for reviewing and discussing any particular topic. There will also be enough time for discussing all projects in one peer-review occasion (March 9), therefore the seminar on March 6 is cancelled.
2012-02-03: Material from today's lecture can be found in the schedule. Project groups: Remember to schedule a meeting next week with Helena as soon as possible.
2012-01-31: The group constellations formed last lecture are listed here.
2012-01-30: More information about the projects can be found here.
2012-01-27: The powerpoint outline for the individual asssignment is available. Material from today's lecture can be found in the schedule. More information about the projects will come soon!
2012-01-24: Material from today's lecture can be found in the schedule.
2012-01-17: Schedule, and general information about the project and literature is updated.
2012-01-12: Schedule and some other information is updated. More information about assignments and literature is coming soon!
2011-10-03: The home-page is initiated!

Below you find links to some info. concerning rules and what you have to obey.
Regulations and Policy for Computing Science at Umeå University
Policy for obligatory exercises
Advice on how to write reports for obligatory exercises
University regulations
Honour code
Computer-use contract (that you have signed and agreed to follow)
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