Human-Computer Interaction, Advanced Course (Spring 13)


2013-02-28: The due date for sending the preliminary reports was changed to March 3, see the timetable. Now also the Groups page is updated with information about which persons you should send your reports to for review, by Sunday at the latest (in addition to Helena and Dipak). In the Groups page you will also find which report you should read and comment on by Tuesday's peer-review.
2013-02-08: You can now find the timetable updated with more material.
2013-02-05: You can now find the literature-page updated with material for the coming lecture.
2013-01-29: The lecture material from last lecture can be found in the schedule/timetable. You can also find the literature-page updated with material for the coming lecture.
2013-01-25: More information about the project is available (Project description). You can also find the group formations here.
2013-01-21: Generic information about the project is updated. Note that specific instructions that depends on the topic of the project will be given separately.
2013-01-17: Information about literature is updated with sources for the first week.
2013-01-04: The course schedule is updated and information about teachers involved in the course. The schedule is preliminary and will be supplemented with more information during the coming weeks.
2012-11-22: Remember to register on the course (for more information, see the welcoming letter in the menu to the left)
2012-11-22: Remember to register for the written exam 10 days before the examination date. You are not allowed to write the exam if you are not registered for it.
2012-11-22: The home-page is initiated!

Regulations and Policy for Computing Science at Umeć University

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