Human-computer interaction, advanced course
7,5 hp (5DV048), spring 2013
Project phase 1



The project part of the course will be conducted in groups of four students. The overall goal for the project is to develop an improved design for a certain computer-based system in an organization. The system in focus will be studied from a wide perspective where many aspects will be considered. As a basis for the studies certain theories will be used. First and foremost Activity Theory will be used (lectures v 4), where the approach is to take into account a great deal of aspects related to how an organization works. The theory offers a number of tools to be used when gathering information and analysing the resulting data.

Below you find the first steps to take in the project process.

Deliverable 1a - Form groups

First you are to form project groups of four people in each group.

The groups must be formed no later than Friday, January 25th, 13.00.

Deliverable 1b - Project plan

A project plan is an important tool for a successful project.


  • serves as an outline and draft for the final report
  • to control how the project proceeds
  • use a tool that helps the group make decisions about who does what and when, and most important: what to do and why! Useful when the plan needs to be altered.

What to do:

Make a detailed project plan with all information that is possible to estimate or foresee. Pay particular attention to purpose, what is the key problem this particular organisation is facing, and what is it that you aim to contribute with.


The project plan is to be handed in no later than Friday, February 1st, 13.00.

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