Human-computer interaction, advanced course
7,5 hp (5DV048), spring 2013
Project phase 2




    In the second phase of the project you will gather information in order to develop an informed and relevant design and prototype for the work situation studied. The information gathering is to take place in cooperation with the organization. You should use data gathering techniques that collect qualitiative data such as interviews and ethnography/observation. If questionnaires are used, they need to be complemented with interviews.

    When you meet with representatives of the organisation you must be well prepared. Preparations include questions, protocols, etc. Questions and protocols should be developed in accordance with the Activity theory and other theories or models used. The Hierarchical Task Analysis, HTA, is to be used to analyze the task level of the activities that the system is designed/redesigned for.

    All parts of phase 2 - except the seminar - must be documentet in a proper way in the final report (see phase 4).

    Part 2a - Data gathering

    In this part the group gathers data according to established data gathering techniques. Questions asked and tasks observed should cover the information needed for making a proper analysis within the Activity Theory.

    Part 2b - Activity/Work Analysis

    The group analyses the extended use context based on Activity theory, literature studies, scenarios, etc. The extended use context involves different types of professionals or other people involved in the individual user's situation and how they interact with the user in the process. Focus is primarily on identifying the work process in which the system is to be integrated.

    Part 2c - Literature Study

    Each member of the group is to find at least two peer-reviewed research article relating to the identified problem area. The purpose is to make use of existing results from similar projects, to learn from other people's experiences. The article is to be included in the final report and lessons learned from it should be considered in the design (see below).

    Part 2d - Design

    Based on the results of the analysis part and the literature study the group starts designing the system.

    Part 2e - Prototype

    Based on the resulting design a prototype is to be developed. It does not have to be a working application an all aspects, but it must be possible to evaluate later on in the project (phase 3a).

    Part 2f - Analysis Report

    The results from phase 2 of the project are to be documented in a report. Remember to add all details on how the data were gathered. You should also cover all the aspects of the Activity theory in your analysis of the current state in the work place studied.

    Date: The report is to be handed in no later than Friday, February 22, 13.00.

    Part 2g - Seminar

    The results from the analysis part are presented, along with problems and issues encountered during the analysis phase as well as results (so far) from the design process. Main focus should be on the analysis.

    Questions and issues concerning the analysis seminar are to be e-mailed to Helena no later than Thursday, February 23, 13.00.

    You can include comments from the seminar in the final report if you find them relevant.

    Date: Friday, February 22 13.00-17 in MC323SEM

    Note: Attending the whole seminar is compulsory.

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