Human-computer interaction, advanced course
7,5 hp (5DV048), spring 2013
Project phase 3



When designing an interactive system from a usability perspective an iterative approach is crucial. In this project at least one iteration must take place. This phase consists of evaluating as well as redesigning the system in focus.

Parts 3a and 3b in phase 3 must be documentet in a proper way in the final report (see phase 4).

Part 3a - Evaluation

In this part your prototype is to be evaluated using traditional methods for evaluation.

Part 3b - Redesign

The design is to be altered according to the results from the evaluation.

Part 3c - Peer review

In this part the members of the groups will read and review another group's report. The purpose is to help each other to write the reports, but also to learn from each other's projects. The result of the review should be a list of what the authors should consider in order to improve the report. A list of who reads what will be published in due time.

Preliminary project reports should be distributed among peers no later than:

Thursday, February 27th, 17.00.

Part 3d - Peer review seminar

The results of the review will be presented at a seminar where the groups will be split into two groups.

Date: Tuesday, March 5, 13.15-15

Note: Attending the whole seminar is compulsory.

Part 3e - Final presentation seminar

The final presentation of the project will focus on the final design and problems encountered during the evaluation phase.

Date: Friday, March 15, 13.00-17

Note: Attending the whole seminar is compulsory.

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