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Guide to computer usage at the Dept. of Comp. Sc.
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2007-03-20 Mail archive
2008-04-01 Timetable, Literature updated
2008-04-02 Assignment 1 now posted
2008-04-11 Timetable, Literature updated
2008-04-14 Assignment 2 now posted
2008-04-14 Timetable, Literature updated
2008-04-21 Assignment 2 Groups & Topics fixed
2008-04-28 Assignment 3 now posted
2008-04-28 Timetable updated
2008-05-02 Check Results
2008-05-06 Check timetable for today's presentations (links to slideshows)
2008-05-08 Some questions for the discussion session Tue 05/13.
Pick your favorites, and feel free to bring your own!
2008-05-08 Time for first Progress report rescheduled:
after the Tuesday discussion session is a new option.

Timetable : wrong day of the week corrected for May 26, 27, 30
(dates and times are the same and correct)

2008-05-27 Check timetable for today's presentations

Regulations and Policy for Computing Science at Umeå University
Policy for obligatory exercises
Advice on how to write reports for obligatory exercises
University regulations regarding examinations (in both Swedish and English)
Honour code
Computer-use contract (that you have signed and agreed to follow)
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