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2009-10-08 Mail archive
2010-02-15 New course book: New Media: a critical introduction. Second edition by M. Lister et al. London: Routledge, 2009
2010-03-25 Welcome to the first lecture Friday 26 at 13.15 in MA378 !
2010-03-29 Assignment 1 posted
2010-04-14 Assignment 1 submission deadline extended. Note extra time for progress discussion on Friday and Monday
2010-04-14 A first version of a list of Concepts is now available. Use in preparing for discussion on Friday
2010-04-26 Instructions for assignment 2 posted
2010-04-28 Progress report moved to Tuesday next week
2010-05-18 Date for final presentation moved to Wednesday 26 May, see timeline for details. Instructions for the presentation added at the end of assignment 2.
2010-06-01 The Examination document has been updated slightly

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