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Design and Analysis of Algorithms for Parallel Computer Systems, Spring 08

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Parallel computing
Concurrency: Practice ...
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Int. J. of parallel programming
ACM Trans. Math. Software
SIAM J. on scientific computing
IEEE distributed systems online
Computing and vis. in science

Here you will find info. on the course. The messages will be inserted by date.

2008-09-09: Results from reexamination 2008-08-27:
Code 1: 34.5p, grade: 3
Code 2: 34p, grade: 3
Code 3: 30.5p, grade: 3
Code 6: 20.5p, grade: U
Your exam can be picked up at Studentexpeditionen.
2008-04-25: Cell Broadband Engine Resources from IBM.
2008-04-25: Assignment 4 is online (here is assgn4.tgz).
2008-04-22: Tomorrow's Assignment 3 will be held in room MA426 (booked from 10 to 12).
2008-04-04: Use 5DV050-VT08 as project number in your submit files.
2008-04-04: If you took the PCS course earlier this year, you can keep your account on HPC2N. If you do not have an account at HPC2N, contact Mikael Rännar to receive one.
2007-03-20: Mail archive
2007-03-20: The home-page is initiated!

Below you find links to some info. concerning rules and what you have to obey.
Regulations and Policy for Computing Science at Umeå University
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University regulations regarding examinations (in both Swedish and English)
Honour code
Computer-use contract (that you have signed and agreed to follow)
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