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Design and Analysis of Algorithms for Parallel Computer Systems, Spring 10

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Here you will find info. on the course. The messages will be inserted by date.

2010-05-26: Past examinations available.
2010-04-26: Lucas Lindström has decided the topic of his project.
2010-04-23: Kalle Sjöström has decided the topic of his project.
2010-04-23: Meiyue Shao has decided the topic of his project.
2010-04-23: Mikhail Glushenkov has decided the topic of his project.
2010-04-22: Tomas Karlsson has decided the topic of his project.
2010-04-20: David W. Gohara's OpenCL podcasts (Thanks Kalle!)
2010-04-20: OpenCL Example Code
2010-04-20: CUDA Example Code
2010-04-19: Schedule updated! New lecture on 4th of May. Some rooms changed.
2010-04-16: Added Martin Nilsson's slides
2010-04-13: References relevant for today's lecture: one two
2010-04-12: New project added: In-place matrix transposition on the Cell
2010-04-09: New link added: seminars
2010-04-08: New guest lecturer on GPU computing: Martin Nilsson from Algoryx (April 16, 10.15-12.00)
2010-04-08: 3 new project proposals added
2010-03-31: GPU Computing: Home of OpenCL
2010-03-31: GPU Computing: OpenCL Specification. Primarily chapters 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.
2010-03-31: GPU Computing: CUDA Programming Guide. Primarily chapters 1, 2, 3.2, 4, and 5.
2010-03-31: Slides from lecture two available under "Hand-outs"
2010-03-31: Cell Broadband Engine Example Code
2010-03-31: Cell Broadband Engine QuickStart Guide
2010-03-24: Schedule updated.
2009-10-08: Mail archive
2009-10-08: The home-page is initiated!

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