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Design and Analysis of Parallel Algorithms (Spring 14)


This course is managed via Cambro.
This page is obsolete and will not be updated.


2013-10-10: Remember to register on the course (for more information, see the welcoming letter in the menu to the left). You can register on the course three days before it starts and five days after.
2013-10-10: Remember to register for the written exam 10 days before the examination date. You are not allowed to write the exam if you are not registered for it.
2013-10-10: The teacher sends information by mail to your cs-mail. If you do not read that daily, you can forward the mails to another email-address. Go to the page and fill in the email-address that you frequently read in the text box at the end of the page. Then press the button "Save settings".
2013-10-10: The home-page is initiated!

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