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Advanced Computer Graphics and Applications, Spring 09

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09-03-24 Last date for assignments is moved to 4:th of April.
09-03-13 All slides online. Last lecture today!
Date for last assignment: 19/3
09-03-10 Schedule for Friday (13:th) lecture available. Visiting Oryx+Algoryx.
09-03-02 Date for assignment 2 and 3 is moved slightly.
09-02-10 Assignment 1 is corrected, look at results.
09-02-10 Slides from rendering effects online
09-02-06 Slides from todays lecture available.
09-02-03 Slides from Pipeline lecture available.
09-02-02 Remember the FAQ, I will try to update it during the course.
09-01-30 Updated vrlib documentation, available as Doxygen here. Added todays lecture slides. multitexturing example added to Assignment1.
09-01-23 Detailed instruction for building vrlib under windows is now available.
09-01-23 Slides from scenegraph lecture available.
09-01-20 Slides from 1:st lecture available online
09-01-13 Website is polished and about done. Assignments updated. Reading list updated.
09-01-10 Website is up, but not finalized...

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