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Advanced Databases, Spring 10

Instructor: Michael Minock

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First Meeting in Naturvetarhuset N260

                    5DV052: ADVANCED DATABASES

                             7.5 hp

                Department of Computing Science

                   Instructor: Michael Minock

                          First Meeting
                   Friday March 26 13.15-15.00
                       Naturvetarhuset N260

 Databases lay at the foundation of modern information-based
 society. Banks use them to record transactions, hospitals use them
 for patient records, large web-sites (e.g. facebook) use them for
 content management, and the list goes on and on (and on).

 This course explores advanced and current topics in databases. This
 includes conceptual topics such as how temporal, spatial and image
 data are represented as well as more practical issues such as data
 modeling and building indexes for enhanced performance. The course
 also includes several special lectures covering topics such as the
 NoSQL movement, OpenStreetMap (essentially an open source version of
 Google maps) and financial database systems (with a special guest
 lecturer from Nomura Securities).

 A large part of the course grade will involve students (in groups of
 up to 3) working on database projects of their own choosing.
 Although the course adopts an interdisciplinary outlook, a fairly
 strong background in database theory and practice is assumed. This
 means a strong working knowledge of relational databases and
 SQL. Programming experience is also required and a familiarity with
 LINUX is highly recommended.

 If you are interested, you are most welcome to attend the first
 lecture of the course as there are still places available. The first
 meeting is in N260 Friday March 26, 13:15-15:00.