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Student Conference: Downloads

Student Conference: Downloads

Lecture overheads

Example proceedings from old course offerings

Formatting of deliverables

All deliverables, except deliverable 1, must be formatted according to the guidelines from the Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), available from Springer Verlag.

For your convenience, we have prepared a zip-file with all necessary files you need to produce the required deliverables. Please do not make any changes to the provided .cls, .bst and .sty files, since this can cause problems when we put together all papers to produce the conference proceedings.

Among other things, this zip-file contains an example outline and annotated bibliography produced with pdflatex. It contains examples for a main tex file (demo.tex), a figure (diagram.pdf), a bibliography file with annotations (demo.bib) and the bibliography style file plain-annote.bst to generate the annotated bibliography. You will also find the files demo_D2.pdf and demo_D3.pdf showing the results you should get, when setting everything up correctly.

Download now!

Those of you, who insist to use plain LaTeX, we recommend the usage of pslatex, since that will result in better font compatibility. You will also have to replace our example figures, since they will not work together with plain LaTeX. However, you can download the zip-file from Springer (see link above), which contains a more complex example.

LaTeX and BibTeX resources

Software for many different platforms is available at CTAN (

LaTeX systems are installed on all UNIX/Linux/Solaris systems.

For Windows, we recommend miktex together with a suitable editor, for example WinShell or TeXnicCenter (can all be found in CTAN catalogue Miktex is installed on our Windows systems.

For MacOs users, we recommend TeXShop.

In the CTAN archives, you can also find tutorials and introductions to LaTeX and BibTeX. The following ones are very useful:

There is also an WYSIWYG editor (almost) for LaTeX called LyX. It can be downloaded from We have not checked if LyX works well together with the LNCS style we require. So you have to use it on your own risk.
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