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Student Conference: Submission Guidelines

Student Conference: Submission Guidelines


Submissions must be electronically (e-mail with a PDF attachment) and physically (one copy for deliverables 1 and 2, respectively and three copies for deliverable 3). All submissions must be on or before the respective deadlines set out in the schedule. E-mail submissions go to the program chair (i.e., course responsible), the copies must be submitted in the "lab box" for this course. Please give your files suitable names, something like "deliverable1.pdf" is not very helpful, when since files might be easily confused on our side. We suggest using something like <last name>_<your CS mail>_D<number of deliverable>.pdf. For John Doe's deliverable 2 (with email this would for example mean Doe_x08djn_D2.pdf). Keeping this "coding" will help us in processing your submissions.

All deliverables, except deliverable 1, must be prepared with the LaTeX typesetting system. All deliverables, except deliverable 1, must furthermore follow certain formatting guidelines. To make this task easier, we provide templates and examples so in the Downloads section.

Please do not add an extra cover sheet to your submission, if your name, e-mail address and paper title are shown clearly on the first page (for deliverables 2-4 this is guaranteed by using the templates).

For deliverable 4a you must also submitted all LaTeX source file(s). It is the responsibility of the author to make sure that all documents and necessary files are accessible and readable using common hard- and software.

All work you produce during this course (intermediate results as well as deliverables) will be checked with respect to plagiarism. Make sure you understand what plagiarism is and how you can avoid it.

Guidelines for each type of submission

For more detailed advice on technical writing attend the lectures and check out the resources in Resources section.

Authors of accepted full papers will be notified by e-mail. All accepted contributions will be made available in the Advance Program.

Authors of accepted full papers are expected to adjust their submission according to the comments of the reviewers and submit a final paper to the Program Committee. The final versions of all accepted papers will appear in the conference proceedings. The proceedings of the conference will be published as a Technical Report of the Department Computing Science and made available for all participants at the conference.

All authors of accepted full papers are expected to give an oral talk at the conference. Depending on the number of participants, we might have different kinds of talks. The best papers will receive 30 minutes of time (max. 25 minutes talk + 5 minutes discussion). The remaining papers will usually receive shorter timeslots.
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