Design for Emergence (Spring 13)




This course is inspired by the emergence of applications of a new kind, such as:; GPS art, orienteering, and discovery ; E-street ; IT-hockey ; the SMS/WAP based FriendFinder; etc. The interaction between the individual and the collective is a common theme for these applications, i.e. the social aspects of the application are in focus. Also significant is the fact that some of these applications have emerged (all three GPS applications) from individual use of the technique, in the same sense that the web publishing of personal information emerged from Tim Berner-Lee's ideas of making the research databases at CERN available for researchers everywhere in the world.

This course introduces the concept of Emergent Interaction System, read more...



2013-03-28: The first lecture will be 10-12, 8th of April in room B440 (at the Department of Computing Science). We will set the timetable for the lectures and the design project together at the first lecture.
2012-11-22: Remember to register on the course (for more information, see the welcoming letter)
2012-11-22: Remember to register for the written exam 10 days before the examination date. You are not allowed to write the exam if you are not registered for it.
2012-11-22: The home-page is initiated!

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