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  News will be continously posted here with the latest one(s) at the top.

2009-09-07:  The re-re exam has been marked and can be picked up at student expedition. Please check the link to the left.
2009-08-24:  The re-re exam has been moved to Sat, Aug 29, 9-13 in ÖP 5 (reg. code 107771).
2009-06-17:  Re-exam results are ready. Please check link to the left.
2009-06-03:  The last exam can be downloaded here.
2009-05-28:  The date for the re-exam has been moved to 12/6 (same time and place).
2009-05-04:  Exam results are ready. Please check link to the left.
2009-04-14:  Grading updated. Exam will take place in exam room 7 (Östra Paviljongen). Please make sure to register for the exam.
2009-03-23:  Link to old exams available.
2009-03-17:  Description for Project 2 is available. Groups will be available soon. Results updated.
2009-03-01:  Updated Link of the week section.
2009-02-23:  Schedule changed: P2 reports moved from 24/2 to 25/2; guest lecture (3/3) in MA121.
2009-02-06:  Description for Project 2 is available. Groups will be available next week.
2009-02-03:  Changed schedule.
2009-01-29:  Slightly changed text of Project 1.
2009-01-27:  Today's lecture moved to Friday, so you have time to visit Uniaden.
2009-01-26:  New lecture overheads available. Copies of textbook preprint available for purchase in student expedition (SEK 130:-).
2009-01-23:  Schedule updated. Project 1 is available. Changed link Lecture Overheads to Downloads and added links to code for exercises.
2009-01-14:  Schedule updated. Assignment 1 is available.
2008-12-16:  Initial schedule is available.
2008-11-24:  Course literature listed. Resources page initiated. Structure and design updated.
2007-09-30:  Page created (by Per L).

Regulations and Policy for Computer Science at Umeå University
This section contains links to information concerning rules and guidelines you have to obey.
Policy for obligatory exercises
Advice on how to write reports for obligatory exercises (special rules might apply for certain assignments and projects)
University regulations regarding examinations
Honour code
Computer-use contract (that you have signed and agreed to follow)
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