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  News will be continously posted here with the latest one(s) at the top.

2010-09-09:  Rere-exams are marked. For the results see the link to the left. You can probably pick up your exam next week.
2010-06-29:  Total results updated with re-exam results (see link to the left).
2010-06-17:  Re-exams are marked. For the results see the link to the left. Note that exams cannot be picked up yet. I'll notify you when this is possible.
2010-06-15:  Course results updated (Total and P4). The results do not include the re-exam results. The re-exams are not marked yet.
2010-06-09:  Please make sure to fill-in and submit the course evaluation form (see links to the left).
2010-05-31:  Updated results (Total and P4).
2010-05-25:  Updated results (Total and P4).
2010-05-18:  Updated results (Total and P4).
2010-05-07:  Updated results (P3, P4).
2010-05-04:  Updated results (Total, P4, Exam). Final results for P3 will be available soon.
2010-04-23:  General feedback for assignment 1 is available.
2010-04-22:  Assignments are marked and results are updated.
2010-04-20:  Fixed groups for P4 and published description for P4 (see link to the left).
2010-04-13:  Old exams available (see link to the left).
2010-04-09:  Updated results for P3.
2010-04-08:  Added results for P3.
2010-04-06:  Final presentation of P4 moved to Thu, June 3 (MA166, 13-15).
2010-03-26:  Changed specs slightly for P3.
2010-03-19:  Updated results for P2, please note the 0.25 increase in credits for the code.
2010-03-17:  Updated results for P2. Note that the updated total results are preliminary. They do not yet consider individual differences inside a group.
2010-03-16:  Fixed groups for P3. Added some "goodies" to Resources hotlist.
2010-03-02:  Updated results for P2.
2010-02-11:  Reports for P1 are marked, see Results to the left. Fixed groups for P2.
2010-02-02:  Groups for P1 updated 09:02.
2010-02-01:  Fixed groups for P1 (updated 17:23). If you have no group yet, please submit the Team Building Questionnaire immediately (see link to the left).
2010-01-26:  Updated overheads for TDD lecture(s).
2010-01-15:  The overheads for the first lectures can be downloaded now.
2010-01-05:  The first lecture takes place on Tuesday, Jan 19 in MA 136 (MIT-huset), 13:15-17; welcome.
2009-12-17:  Schedule updated.
2009-12-08:  Course literature listed. Resources page initiated. Structure and design updated. Schedule NOT up to date.
2008-09-30:  Page created (by Per L).

Regulations and Policy for Computer Science at Umeå University
This section contains links to information concerning rules and guidelines you have to obey.
Policy for obligatory exercises
Advice on how to write reports for obligatory exercises (special rules might apply for certain assignments and projects)
University regulations regarding examinations
Honour code
Computer-use contract (that you have signed and agreed to follow)
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