2009-06-04: Two prior exams have been posted.

2008-12-04: Assignment 2 graded.

2008-11-28: Added details about the project. Note that the project plan is due 2008-12-05.

2008-11-20: The directory service is updated, the new code should work also with stubs. A publicly available directory is hosted at:

2008-11-19: Updated the FAQ with some basic advice on how to find errors.

2008-11-18: Interfaces for assignment 1 updated, see email.

2008-11-14: Added a short tutorial about Apache Rampart (WS-Security implementation for Axis2).

2008-11-14: How to run the development environment in UNIX is explained in the FAQ.

2008-11-13: A simplistic directory service has been provided as a service registration and discovery mechanism for assignment 1.

2008-11-12: Added an example of hello world service that uses stubs instead of AXIOM.

2008-11-10: The course development environments are now available for download.

2008-09-29: Added an FAQ system to the course web page.

2008-09-29: Added a feedback system to the course web page.

2008-03-17: Page initialized.