2010-01-25: Project presentations rescheduled to 27/1 8-11 in MA378.

2010-01-19: Project presentation 20/1 canceled. New presentation date will be set next week once scheduling conflicts have been properly investigated, see email for details.

2009-11-21: A new Axis2 development package has been provided and is available from the downloads directory. This package is based on a prior version of Axis2 that does not contain the connection starvation client bug of Axis2 v1.5.1. All students are recommended to download and deploy the new package. The package has also been retrofitted with the Apache tcp monitor used in tutorial 2 and a set of encryption keys and certificates. As some students have encountered the Axis2 client bug, deadlines for assignment 2 and following assignments have been extended 3 days, see course schedule for details.

2009-11-18: A proposed WSDL interface has been provided for use in assignments 2 and 3, and is documented along with the provided Sudoku solver. Please note that the assignment specifications have been updated to reflect this change as well (an interface evaluation task have been added as part of the shift in focus). While use of the interface is not mandatory, it is highly recommended as a fallback if you run into trouble.

2009-11-18: The scripts in the service examples of Tutorial 2 have been updated to include a reference to the service.url property mentioned in the tutorial. In the examples, the property can be used to set service URL in client invocations.

2009-11-16: Schedule update: Lecture 6 has been recheduled to Friday 08:15, pushing all subsequent lectures to adjust the schedule. Please note that Lecture 5 still remains in the same timeslot, only the second half of the 4-hour lecture that was planned for tomorrow has been moved.

2009-11-12: A new Axis2 development environment package have been developed, and will be used in Tutorial 2.

2009-11-10: A set of typos have been corrected in the assignment specifications, detailing the due dates to correspond to the schedule (which contained the correct dates).

2009-08-26: Page initialized.