2011-03-18: A set of example examinations have been posted.

2011-02-19: The project presentations (and the deadline for the final report) have been moved forward a day from Thursday Mar 17 to Friday Mar 18 08:15 AM.

2011-02-21: Due to a scheduling mixup, Lecture 10 is held in lecture hall NA300 in the natural science's building. The time slot of the lecture is not affected by this change.

2011-02-19: Please note that the deadline for the project report has been moved to Feb 23 08.00 (AM).

2011-01-31: When handing in assignments, please either print the report and put it in the box outside the D corridor on level 4 or send an email to the TA stating that the report is available in the ~/edu/5dv095/assignmentX/report directory. Also, please read and consider the CS departments guidelines on writing assignment reports.

2011-01-07: Page initialized.