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2012-01-18:   The re-exam will be held on the 11th of April.
2011-12-13:   The lab session planned for the 20th of December has been moved to the 21st.
2011-11-28:   The preliminary lecture plan has been slightly modified.
2011-11-28:   The lecture on Dec. 20th has been moved to Dec. 19th, at 13:00 in MA146.
2011-11-28:   The lecture on Dec. 9th has been moved to Dec. 5th.
2011-11-21:   Assignment 1: The definition of OthelloAction has been extended with a boolean value that indicates if the move is a pass move (i.e., when the player has no legal move).
2011-11-11:   Lecture 13 has been moved. The new time is 08:15-10:00 on January 9th. The room is the same as usual, MA136.
2011-11-10:   Assignment 1 is now available.
2011-11-08:   Schedule updated with dates for lab sessions.
2011-10-18:   An overview with a preliminary lecture plan and reading suggestions is online.
2011-09-13:   The course page is initiated

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