2014-01-16: The deadline for turning in your last project has been extended to Monday January 27.
2014-01-10: Fixed a typo on the last project's description.
2014-01-09: Last lecture posted.
2013-12-22: Third (last) project posted.
2013-12-16: Third (last) assignment posted.
2013-12-16: Transactions lecture posted.
2013-12-12: Casandra lecture and tutorial posted.
2013-12-11: The lecture scheduled for Thursday December 19 was moved to Wednesday December 18, same time (10-12) but in room A201 Tekn (Teknikhuset).
2013-12-09: Replication and consistency lecture posted.
2013-12-05: Consensus lecture posted.
2013-12-02: Second written assignment posted.
2013-11-25: Time and global states lecture posted.
2013-11-21: Indirect Communication lecture posted.
2013-11-18: First written assignment posted.
2013-11-15: Performance lecture and performance tutorial posted.
2013-11-15: Second project (GCom) posted. Start on time and have fun doing it!. Remember, you can receive feedback on your design if you submit your design by December 5 (also remember that this is optional).
2013-11-15: Updated version of Security lecture posted.
2013-11-14: Updated version of Security lecture posted.
2013-11-14: Reading for system performance lecture posted (this Monday). These papers are a very good introduction to the concepts that we are going to explore during the lecture. You'll get more from the lecture and practical session if you read them ahead of time.
2013-11-13: Security lecture posted.
2013-11-11: Second lecture posted.
2013-11-08: First project (Java RMI) posted.
2013-11-07: First lecture posted.
2013-10-22: Page initialized. Have fun, and learn a lot in the process!


The guide for new students has relevant information about practical issues for the course. Including how to obtain an account for the department computer systems and how to transfer files between the computer system and your personal computer.

Regulations and policies


CDK5 textbook cover - International edition
Distributed Systems, 5th ed. Coulouris, Dollimore, Kindberg, and Blair, Addison-Wesley/Pearson Education. (Errata)

The textbook covers large parts of the contents of the course, but not everything. Some topics are only covered on lectures, and others may be covered by supplied material (electronic and/or on paper).

The Oracle's Java RMI tutorial is very helpful for learning about Java RMI.

Mailing list

Registered students are automatically members of the 5dv147(at) mailing list. Anyone can send email to this address, which is why a direct link is not posted (since we don't want it to be filled with spam!). Important information will be sent to this list, so it is very important that you either:

Support has information on how to forward mail. If you run into problems, contact Support.


We would like to express our gratitude to Jonny Petterson, Daniel Espling, and Lars Larsson for their work in developing large parts of the course material.