Thesis Proposal from Nomura and Company in May 2009
Thesis Proposals were presented  by Nomura and Sogeti in May 2009. Photo: Mikael Hansson

Bachelor/Master Thesis in Computing Science

Thesis Organization Fall 2009

Introduction (in Swedish)

During the academic year 08/09, we have re-written the curricula for all degree works provided by the Department of Computing Science. One of the aims has been to adapt the curricula to the new directives for curriculum introduced in recent years. This includes: that the so-called anticipated study results reflect the intentions that exist in educational curricula and degree descriptions. In addition, the curriculum element is divided such that the final part of presentation including, comprehensive oral presentation, report writing and the opposition, has the score 2 ECTS-credits, while the first part has the score 13 or 28 depending on whether the full course is 15 or 30 ECTS-credits. Another objective of the work is to provide better support to students, supervisors and examiners in the process to be implemented over a thesis that could ultimately result in a review which could form the basis for the rating.

Curricula and examiners for degree theses force from Fall 2009

Bachelor of Science in Computing Science, 5DV096 (Bachelor 180 credits)
Examiner: Jonny Pettersson

Master of Science in Computing Science, 5DV083 (Master 60 credits)
Examiner: Frank Drewes

Master of Science in Computing Science, 5DV079 (Master 120 credits)
Examiner: Frank Drewes/Thomas Hellström/Per Lindström

Degree project in Computing Science Engineering, 5DV097 (civ-ing TDV, Master 120 credits)
Examiner: Fredrik Georgsson

Degree project in Computing Science Engineering, 5DV091 (civ-ing DV, Master 120 credits)
Examiner: Per Lindström

Requirements for starting a Thesis work.

Full syllabus can be found in Look for Syllabus (use course code above to search). In Swedish!

On page older Thesis info there are a lot of information and tips, including a Latex-template which can be downloaded for report writing. Some info on this page is not updated!

Regulatory policy

A number of policy documents have been prepared. Some primarily for students and others for supervisors (internal/external) and the examiner.

Working procedures

This paper briefly describes who does what. i.e. what the student is responsible for, and the documents to be produced by the student and a kind of chronological order when the various documents should be delivered. In addition, short of what is expected by the course coordinator, external/internal supervisor and examiner.


In this document there is a specfication of how a Thesis proposal might look. The specification provided by a company many times lacks parts from the prosal we recommend. This means you should revise and extend the company specification before you hand it to the examiner/course responsible.

Planning Document

A proposal for the content of the planning document exists. Note that the follow-up planning is important. If you can not follow the plan it must be revised in concert with the external/internal supervisor.

Assessment Criteria

The basis for assessment of a student work are a number of criteria you should consider in the assessment to be made.

Supervisor (internal/external)

This document will be used by external and internal supervisors. In the final stage of the thesis they make an assessment of the various elements that the student completed and send the completed document to the course manager. Please note that this completed document is an internal working paper.


This is the examiner's final assessment of all parts of the work with regard to the comments received from external and internal supervisors.

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