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Student Conference in Computing Science, spring 2005

Student Conference in Computing Science, spring 2005

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  News will be continously posted here with the latest one(s) at the top.

05-06-16:  The grades are now available for download.
05-05-31:  An Advance Program is now available. The printing of the proceedings has commenced.
05-05-27:  An updated list of presentations (talk vs. poster) is available here.
The Table of Contents of the proceedings can be downloaded here.
05-05-24:  Review results can be found here.
05-03-31:  Update on Status of Deliverables, including new groups for lectures as well as peer review groups.
05-03-21:  Room change on Apr 6, see schedule.
05-02-15:  Divided students into two groups and updated schedule accordingly.
05-02-11:  Updated Status of Submissions.
05-02-11:  Topic selections are evaluated. See section Status of Submissions for details.
05-01-26:  Updated lecture overheads again (fixed info on Topic Selection).
05-01-25:  Updated lecture overheads and LaTeX templates.
05-01-19:  Schedule finalised. 1st lecture as early as Jan 26! Updated all pages.
04-10-02:  Page is up and running. Please note that most links related to schedules and deadlines are not up-to-date yet.

Regulations and Policy for Computer Science at Umeå University
Policy for obligatory exercises
University regulations regarding examinations (in both Swedish and English)
Honor code
Computer-use contract (that you have signed and agreed to follow)
Application to re-register for a course (currently in Swedish only)
Advice on how to write reports for obligatory exercises
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