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Student Conference in Computing Science, spring 2007

Student Conference in Computing Science, spring 2007

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  News will be continously posted here with the latest one(s) at the top.

Deadline for resubmission is Aug 30, 24:00.

07-06-26:  Deadline for resubmission is Aug 30, 24:00. A date for the presentations will be scheduled for week 38 (depending on number of resubmissions).
07-06-19:  Course evaluations and course results are online. Please note that the paper is worth twice as much as the presentation.
07-05-30:  Program changed slighly in the afternoon. The printing is making trouble. They will be late. I hope, I can get a few printed proceedings this late afternoon.
07-05-21:  An Advance Program is available, see link to the left. Since we finally had 18 accepted papers, scheduling was a bit difficult (too few presentations for parallell sessions; too many to have regular 90 minutes sessions and 30 minutes breaks). Presentations (incl. questions and discussion) are 25 minutes each in the sessions with 3 papers and 22 minutes each in the sessions with 4 papers.
07-05-15:  The results of our reviews can be found via the link Deliverable 3 to the left. In the colum A/R, you can see whether your paper was accepted (A) or rejected (R).
07-05-11:  The lecture on Monday 14/5 will start at 15:15, i.e. 2 hours later.
07-05-09:  Deadline for deliverable 3 has passed. We received 23 submissions.
07-05-03:  Conference moved to new room (hsE in Humanisthuset).
07-03-02:  Updated Deliverable 2 link.
07-02-27:  Deliverable 2 checked. Please see me for advise, if your comment column is yellow.
07-02-27:  Updated Deliverable 1 link.
07-02-19:  Updated Deliverable 1 link. Groups ready, see link to the left (bottom).
07-02-07:  Deliverable 1 checked. Please see me, if your accept column is yellow; updated with late submissions 16:50.
07-02-05:  Updated schedule; Library and LaTeX lessons are located in lab MA336.
07-01-31:  Uploaded latest version of lecture overheads. Updated LaTeX demo.
07-01-30:  Updated names of teachers.
07-01-02:  Updated; fixed broken links. Please note that schedule, deadlines, lecture overheads and names of teachers are not fully up-to-date.
06-03-30:  Mail archive
06-03-30:  Page is initiated (perl).

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