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Visual Interactive Simulation, TDBD22, Spring -05

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2005-06-21 Videos from the lab projects are on-line now. See here and here. I'll make a real web page of it later and I might ask some of you to provide me with executables too, for demos and marketing! /Kenneth
I have sent out personal letters to most of the students, with results from exam, labs and project. If you feel that I have missed you - please let me know immediately! /Kenneth
Some last changes to the SPH notes. We recommend using the alterntive term for the
viscosity force, since it is more stable. The original expression has been removed from
the notes now...
SPH lecture notes are updated. Two typos were corrected. The was an extra erroneous density term in the expression for the pressure and viscosity forces.
There was also a sign typo in the expression of the viscosity force. The force should
of course depend on the relative velocities and not the sum of the velocities.
Lab notes for particle simulations are updated and SPH instructions are added.
We have gone through the lab reports and the videos and we are  impressed
with what you have accomplished! Mats will communicate results and comments.
No lecture today. Instead I (Kenneth) will have tutoring time at 13.15 - 14.30.
2005-05-19 Added lecture notes on elasticity, plasticity and sph (Krister), and on vehicle
dynamics (Claude), so all notes of the course should now be on-line.
Please report errors, typos, dangling links etc. to us!
Added updated lab notes for the particle simulation labs. 2.1-2.3.
Info on SPH is still incomplete but will be added asap.
All three particle labs are described in the same document and not all web pages are
updated to reflect this...
2005-05-18 Added slides from bio mechanics lecture.
2005-05-18 Changed deadlines for lab projects, demonstration and paper reading project.
See updated course schedule (date not updated on all other pages).
Credit point system will also get some updates. Complete lab notes will be posted
today, as soon as we have updated them to give a reasonable work load :)
Added particle simulation lecture notes.
Added Claude's cloth simulation lecture notes.
Added info page about projects.
Added lecture notes about constraints.
Updated instructions for lab 1.3. Hopefully the impulse algorithm is more clear now.
Added instructions for the particle system lab assignment. I'll add more options for
bonus credits next week.
Schedule updated. Lecture May 5th is cancelled and the other lectures are pushed
ahead one step. Deadline for first half of lab project moved to May 9.
Updated lecture notes and lab instruction for 1.3. The velocity update step,
between collision resolving and contact resolving har somehow slipped out
of the notes...
See also a link to reference information about the method used in Lab 1.3.
Added lecture notes, pseudo code and lab 1.3
Added lecture notes for thursday lecture on box-box and collision/contact
Some of the PDF files that had font problems have been updated.
Added lecture notes "Rigid Bodies 2" and the extra notes
about the lab projects and general idea of the course.

Added links to the book/code website and the errata list.
N.B. There are lots of errors!

Lecture notes and "Bone on a wire lab added".
2005-04-05 Lecture notes and OSG info updated.
2005-04-04 Course web is on-line!
The home-page is initiated!

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