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Cloud computing (57306VT17)

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Course Overview

The aim of the course is to prepare the students for the rapidly changing field of cloud computing, preparing not only for near future jobs, but also their career. As a result, besides teaching cloud computing, the course will also teach students how to learn and stay up-to-date with theory and technology in the area of cloud computing. For more details see the syllabus.

Covered Topics

Cloud computing is a hot and constantly changing topic. This is why the cloud computing course is mostly based on articles:


Staff will push information about the course through Cambro announcements. Please ensure you receive and check them at least daily.

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Registering: Remember to register for the course (for more information, see the welcoming letter). You can register on the course three days before it starts and five days after.

Schedule: Tuesdays at 13.15 + Friday, Jan 20 at 13.15. See Timeedit schedule

Examination: You are expected to know and have read the following documents concerning examination:

Course evaluation: All course evaluations done at the department are available online.

Support: When you are studying on a campus course in computer science, you will get your own user to access our computers. We also have our own support staff for these systems. See CS support.