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About the CONLAB Project

The CONLAB project consists of two major parts. The interactive CONLAB environment and CLC, the CONLAB Compiler. Together they form a powerful tool for developing algorithms for parallel computer arichitectures.


CONLAB (CONcurrent LABoratory) is an environment for developing algorithms for parallel computer architectures. It is an interactive environment in which one can simulate MIMD architectures with distributed memory and communication with message passing, as well as MIMD architectures with shared memory.

CONLAB is an extension of MATLAB with control structures for expressing parallel execution of programs and primitives for message passing, use of shared memory and synchronization. The language used in CONLAB is a language that is close to the informal algorithm specification languages that many algorithm designers use.

CONLAB Compiler

A prototype compiler, CLC, has been developed for CONLAB. The compiler translates its input files into C-language files to which it applies a suitable C compiler. In order to achieve high performance the computational kernels of executable code are built on level 1-2-3 BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms) and LAPACK (Linerar Algebra Package). Communication via explicit message passing is performed by PVM.

Programs generated by CLC has sucessfully been executed on hetrogenous workstations. Work is undergoing to port the compiler to IBM SP/2.


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