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UMINF reports by JŘrgen B÷rstler

1994.10 Programming-in-the-Large: Languages, Tools, Reusability
1995.26 A Notion for Subsystems to Support the Architectural Design of Software
1995.27 Experiences from a Project Oriented Software Engineering Course
1997.17 Proceedings USCCS'97
Umeň's First Student's Conference in Computing Science
1997.24 A Pragmatic Approach to Use Cases
1997.26 Proccedings of the OOPSLA'97 Workshop on DOING YOUR FIRST OO PROJECT
OO Education Issues in Industry and Academia
1998.08 Proceedings USCCS&I'98
Umeň's Second Student's Conference in Computing Science & Informatics
1999.13 Proceedings USCCS&I'99
Umeň's Third Student's Conference in Computing Science & Informatics
2000.03 OOPSLA '99 Workshop Report: Quest for Effective Classroom Examples.
2000.08 Proceedings USCCS&I'00
Umeň's Fourth Student's Conference in Computing Science & Informatics, part 1
2001.10 Proceedings USCCS'01
Umeň's Fifth Student Conference in Computing Science
2001.19 CMM for Small Organizations, Level 2 - The Supplements
2002.06 Proceedings USCCS'02
Umeň's Sixth Student Conference in Computing Science
2002.19 Objektorienterad analys och design med CRC-kort
2002.20 Quality Management for Small Enterprises
2003.02 Theoretical Validation and Case Study of Requirements Management Measures
2004.04 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Through Scenario Role-Play
2006.31 An Empirical Evaluation of the PLUSS Toolkit
2007.03 Construction and Validation of Prediction Models for Number of Changes to Requirements
2007.18 Anchoring the Product Line Process - Tailoring the RUP Life-Cycle Model to Software Product Line Development
2007.23 Beauty and the Beast--Toward a Measurement Framework for Example Program Quality
2008.09 An Evaluation Instrument for Object-Oriented Example Programs for Novices