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UMINF 1994

1 Ji-guang Sun
On Two Functions of Matrix with Positive Definite Hermitian Part
2 Ji-guang Sun
Perturbation Analysis of System Hessenberg and Hessenberg/triangular Forms
3 Anders Barrlund
A Note on Some Matrix Perturbation Bounds
4 Bo Kågström
Peter Poromaa
Computing Eigenspaces with Specified Eigenvalues of a Regular Matrix Pair (A,B) and Condition Estimation: Theory Algorithms and Software
5 Ji-guang Sun
A Posteriori Error Bounds for Eigenvalues and Singular Values
6 Ji-guang Sun
On the Variation of the Spectrum of a Normal Matrix
7 Anders Barrlund
How ODEs Can Be Used to Derive Matrix Perturbation Bounds
8 Maria Söderlind
Parallel Methods for Nonlinear Least-Squares Problems
9 Ji-guang Sun
Residual Bounds on Approximate Solutions for the Unitary Eigenproblem
10 Jürgen Börstler
Programming-in-the-Large: Languages, Tools, Reusability
11 Anders Barrlund
Comparing Stability Properties of Three Methods in DAEs of ODEs with Invariants
12 Ji-guang Sun
Perturbation Analysis of the Pole Assignment Problem
13 Bo Kågström
Per Ling
Charles Van Loan
GEMM-Based Level 3 BLAS: Algorithms for the Model Implementations
14 Anders Barrlund
User Guide to CLS - A Fortran Code for the Numerical Solution of Higher Index Differential Algebraic Equation Systems
15 Ji-guang Sun
Perturbation Analysis of the Matrix Sign Function
16 Erik Marklund
Funktoriell Mängdlära: en Matematisk Grund för Strukturerad Programmering