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UMINF 1997

1 Mårten Gulliksson
KKT-conditions for Exactly Rank Deficient Nonlinear Least Squares Problems with Exactly Rank Deficient Nonlinear Constraints
2 Ji-guang Sun
Optimal Backward Perturbation Bounds for Vandermonde Systems
3 Gunilla Wikström
Algorithms and Software for the Computation of Parameters Occurring in ODE-models
8 Niclas Börlin
High Precision Localization of Radio-opaque Markers in Digital Radiostereometry
9 Niclas Börlin
Tomas Lindh
An Implant-oriented Method for Dental Digital Subtraction Radiography
10 Niclas Börlin
High Precision Measurements in Digital Radiographs
11 Ji-guang Sun
Perturbation Theory for Algebraic Riccati Equations
12 Jerry Eriksson
Mårten Gulliksson
Local Results for the Gauss-Newton Method on Constrained Exactly Rank Deficient Nonlinear Least Squares
13 Lena Kallin
Marie Nordström
Lena Palmquist
Att utbilda tjejer i datavetenskap - erfarenheter och reflexioner
14 Ji-guang Sun
On the Stability of Algorithms for Solving Equilibrium Systems
15 Peter Poromaa
Included in the report 97.16
16 Peter Poromaa
High Performance Computing, Algorithms and Library Software for Sylvester Equations and Certain Eigenvalue Problems with Applications in Condition Estimation
17 Jürgen Börstler
Patrik Eklund
Olof Johansson
Proceedings USCCS'97
Umeå's First Student's Conference in Computing Science
18 Anders Broberg
Cognitive Tools for Learning
19 Gur Saran Adhar
Domination in Bounded Interval Tolerance Graphs
20 Björn Bengtsson
Virtual Communication - A Survey
21 Ji-guang Sun
Backward Errors for the Inverse Eigenvalue Problem
22 Ji-guang Sun
Perturbation Properties of a Multiple Eigenvalue of the Definite Generalized Eigenvalue Problem
24 Jürgen Börstler
Thomas Boman
Katarina Sigerud
A Pragmatic Approach to Use Cases
25 Ji-guang Sun
Backward Errors for the Unitary Eigenproblem
26 Jürgen Börstler
Proccedings of the OOPSLA'97 Workshop on DOING YOUR FIRST OO PROJECT
OO Education Issues in Industry and Academia
27 Lars-Erik Janlert
Issues in Virtual Communication