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UMINF 1998

1 Anders Barrlund
On a Conjecture on the Closest Normal Matrix
2 Ji-guang Sun
Residual Bounds for Certain Characteristic Subspaces
3 Petter Wiberg
A Newton method on the projective space for the real nonsymmetric eigenvalue problem
4 Per Ling
Included in report 98.05
5 Per Ling
High Performance Linear Algebra Kernels for Advanced Computer Architectures
6 Ji-guang Sun
Sensitivity Analysis of the Continuos-Time Algebraic Riccati Equation
7 Ji-guang Sun
Stability and Accuracy - Perturbation Analysis of Algebraic Eigenproblems
8 Jürgen Börstler
Torbjörn Nordström
Proceedings USCCS&I'98
Umeå's Second Student's Conference in Computing Science & Informatics
9 Krister Dackland
Parallel Reduction of a Regular Matrix Pair to Block Hessenberg-Triangular Form - Algorithm Design and Performance Modeling
10 Anders Barrlund
The p-relative Distance Is a Metric
11 Lena Kallin
Applied Neural Logic
12 Thomas Hellström
ASTA a Test Bench and Development Tool for Trading Algorithms
13 Bo Kågström
Petter Wiberg
Extracting Partial Canonical Structure for Large Scale Eigenvalue Problems
14 Petter Wiberg
Towards a Definition for the Mean of a Cluster of Generalized Eigenvalues
15 Petter Wiberg
Projections and Surfaces in Numerical Methods for Eigenvalue Problems
16 Thomas Hellström
A Random Walk through the Stock Market
17 Ji-guang Sun
Condition Number and Backward Errors for the Generalized Singular Value Decomposition