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UMINF 1999

1 Ji-guang Sun
Perturbation Analysis of Quadratic Eigenvalue Problems
2 K Dackland
Blocked Algorithm and Software for Reduction of a Regular Matrix pair to Generalized Scher form
3 K Dackland
Design, Modeling, and Evaluation of High-Performance Algorithms for Matrix Factorizations and Matrix Pair Reductions (PhD thesis)
4 Lena Kallin
Lena Palmquist (editorer)
Från siffror till surfning - Könsperspektiv på informationsteknik
5 Lena Kallin
Studenternas åsikt om studiemiljön vid Institutionen för Datavetenskap
6 Fredrik Georgsson
Computer Aided Medical Imaging with Applications in Mammographic Screening (Lic thesis)
7 Mikael Rännar
Parallel Reduction to Hessenberg Form - a ScaLAPACK-based Implementation in CONLAB
8 Mikael Rännar
Algortihm Design for Parallel Matrix Computations Using CONLAB (Lic thesis)
9 Björn Bengtsson
Virtual Communication
10 Ji-guang Sun
On Computing Canonical Correlations
11 Pedher Johansson
12 Erik Elmroth
Peder Johansson
Bo Kågström
Computation and Presentation of Graphs Displaying Closure Hierarchies of Jordan and Kronecker Structures
13 Jürgen Börstler
Proceedings USCCS&I'99
Umeå's Third Student's Conference in Computing Science & Informatics
14 Ji-guang Sun
On Condition Numbers for Generalized Singular Values
15 Thomas Pederson
Integrating Physical and Virtual Knowledge Work Environments using Physical-Virtual Artefacts - A Proposal
16 Ji-guang Sun
A Note on Generalized Chordl Metrics
17 Niclas Börlin
UmRSA Digital Measure v1.0 User's Guide and Tutorial
18 Erik Elmroth
Fred Gustavson
Applying Recursion to Serial and Parallel QR Factorization Leads to Better Performance