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UMINF 2000

1 Anders Broberg
Tools for Learners as Knowledge Workers (PhD- thesis)
2 Wen-Wei Lin
Ji-guang Sun
Perturbation Analysis of Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of Periodic Matrix Pairs
3 Jürgen Börstler
OOPSLA '99 Workshop Report: Quest for Effective Classroom Examples.
4 Wen-Wei Lin
Ji-guang Sun
Perturbation Analysis of Periodic Deflating Subspaces
5 Niclas Börlin
Model-based Measurements of Radiostereometric Markers
6 Niclas Börlin
A Second Look at Radiostereometry
7 Niclas Börlin
Model-based Measurements in Digital Radiographs (PhD- thesis)
8 Jürgen Börstler
Proceedings USCCS&I'00
Umeå's Fourth Student's Conference in Computing Science & Informatics, part 1
9 Ji-guang Sun
Note on Normwise Condition Numbers
10 Astrid Laryd
Terttu Orci
CMM för sm[företag, Niv[ 2
11 Stefan Olofsson
Tailoring P-CMM for Small Companies
12 Terttu Orci
Capability Maturity Model for Extra Extra Small Organizations, Level 2
13 Terttu Orci
Capability Maturity Model for Extra Small Organizations, Level 2
14 Terttu Orci
Capability Maturity Model for Small Organizations, Level 2
15 Ola Ågren
The DARK-Series of Virtual Machines
16 Thomas Hellström
ASTA User's Reference Guide
17 Thomas Hellström
CLS Version 1.0, A Work Bench for Classification Algorithms
18 Thomas Hellström
Predicting a Rank Measure for Portfolio Selection
19 Thomas Hellström
Outlier Removal for Prediction of Covariance Matrices With an Application to Portfolio Optimization
20 Terttu Orci
Astrid Laryd
CMM for Small Organizations Level 2
21 Ola Ågren
Fördjupning inom datorarkitekturen höstterminen 2000
22 Erik Elmroth
Fred Gustavson
High Performance Library Software for QR Factorization
23 Erik Elmroth
Fred Gustavson
A New Much Faster and Simpler Algorithm for LAPACK DGELS
24 Erik Elmroth
Peder Johansson
Bo Kågström
Bounds for the Distances Between Nearby Jordan and Kronecker Structures in a Closure Hierarchy
25 Lars-Erik Janlert
Postmoderna Beslut
26 Lars-Erik Janlert
Virtual Knowledge
27 Fred Gustavson
Isak Jonsson
Minimal Storage High Performance Cholesky Factorization via Blocking and Recursion
28 Erik Elmroth
Pedher Johansson
Bo Kågström
A Web Computing Environment for the SLICOT Library