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UMINF 2004

1 Lena Kallin Westin
trainGPP - Users' manual
2 Lena Kallin Westin
Missing data and the preprocessing perceptron
4 Jürgen Börstler
Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Through Scenario Role-Play
6 Ulrika Hägglund
Modelling Information Objects to Promote Univeral Matching
7 P. Eklund
M.A. Galán
J. Medina
M. Ojeda-Aciego
A. Valverde
Powersets of Terms and Composite Monads
10 Lena Kallin Westin
Preprocessing perceptrons
11 Thomas Hellström
Ola Ringdahl
Follow the Past - a Path Tracking Algorithm for Autonomous Forest Vehicles
14 Greger Wikstrand
Jiong Sun
Determining Utility Functions for Streaming Low Bitrate Football Video
16 Peter Hagervall
Sandra Taha
Ola Ågren
Student Papers in Computer Architecture, 2004