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UMINF 2006

1 Magnus Eriksson
An Approach to Software Product Line Use Case Modeling
2 Anders Lindegren
Pattern Recognition Algorithms for Cancer Detection applied on data from SELDI Technology
3 Frank Drewes
Christine du Toit
Sigrid Ewert
Johanna Högberg
Brink van der Merwe
Andries van der Walt
Bag Context Tree Grammars
4 Claude Lacoursière
A Regularized Time Stepper for Multibody Systems
5 Claude Lacoursière
Stabilizing Gyroscopic Forces in Rigid Multibody Simulations
12 Michael Minock
Natural Language Updates to Databases through Dialogue
13 Johan Eliasson
Lena Kallin Westin
Marie Nordström
Investigating students' change of confidence during CS1 - four case studies
18 Michael Minock
Identifying Certain Answers in Incomplete Databases
21 Ulrika Hägglund
Evaluation of Find-Them
23 Marie Nordström
Lena Kallin Westin
SI - Small Scale Advantages
25 Parosh Aziz Abdulla
Johanna Högberg
Lisa Kaati
Bisimulation Minimization of Tree Automata
27 Frank Drewes
Heiko Vogler
Learning Deterministically Recognizable Tree Series
28 Ulrika Hägglund
Modelling and Matching Information Interests for Personalised Services
31 Magnus Eriksson
Henrik Morast
Jürgen Börstler
Kjell Borg
An Empirical Evaluation of the PLUSS Toolkit
32 Aron Andersson
Ola Ågren
Student Papers in Computer Architecture, 2006
34 Greger Wikstrand
Human Factors and Wireless Network Applications - More Bits and Better Bits
35 Greger Wikstrand
Staffan Eriksson
Frida Ostberg
Jiong Sun
Oscar Appelgren
Designing a Mobile Football Experience - Final Report from the BASTARD-project
36 Greger Wikstrand
Jiong Sun
On the Duration and Limits of Quality of Service Guarantees
41 Greger Wikstrand
Lennart Schedin
Fredrik Elg
High and Low Ping and the Game of Pong Effects of Delay and Feedback